There's another experiment about tension that I intend to throw at people, and these instructions ought to get you onto that in a few minutes flat. Participants are the lifeblood of any research like this, so please know that if you spend a half hour of your life doing this, you'll gain my undying appreciation.

Those who have done my previous experiment might note that these instructions are almost identical to the last experiment post I'd made. Same game, same platforms, different experiment. I promise.

All you need to do is:

  • Setup (~10 minutes)
    • Download a free strategy game: Battle For Wesnoth
    • Install the experimental scenario - essentially a level
      • Easier than you'd think! you can do it from within the game
    • If you'd like, playing through the game's tutorial
      • This is in two parts - the first takes about 5 minutes, the second would take another 20. I'd recommend doing the first, but don't worry too much about the second if you don't want to. You don't actually have to do either.
  • Actually Doing The Experiment (~20-30 minutes)
    • Playing through the scenario
    • Answering a questionnaire

Here's the details on that stuff!

Downloading Battle For Wesnoth

You can get it either from Steam, or from its official site at, where there's a big Download Now button on the right.

If you'd like to play the tutorial, now's a good time. From the main menu, just click Tutorial. The tutorial is in two parts: a basic introduction, and a more advanced dip into a few other mechanics. I'd recommend doing the first - it takes about 5 minutes, and you'll have more of an idea of what's going on in the scenario. The second part however, takes about 20 minutes, so feel free to skip that with no guilt.

Installing the scenario

Wesnoth has campaigns, which are made up of scenarios: essentially single levels in which you have an objective, and may either succeed or fail. For this experiment, the idea is you play through a scenario I've built.

To install the scenario, open up Battle for Wesnoth. From the main menu, you will want to click Add-Ons, Connect (leave Server as-is), and once that's loaded use the top-left textbox to search for "Unto Others" (it should have the Author as Dan Gomme), and then click the shield with a plus on it to install the add-on. Ta-da! Installed.

Playing the scenario

From the main menu, click Campaigns, and type "Unto Others" into the top-left box. One campaign will be left: Unto Others. Select it, and read the description; it has both a little setting, and a recap of things you need to know. Hit OK to play, and you're off to the figurative races!

Need a visual guide to follow? Here you go. This covers both installing the scenario and running the campaign.

Play through the scenario, and enjoy!

Doing the Questionnaire

I promise, this is the last part! Just follow this link. It shouldn't take long :)

If you need to contact me, my email is